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Worship Service

We are glad you joined us today for worship. We have learned that there are several things visitors are concerned about when they attend church. Allow us to address those issues now and make you feel comfortable;

Dress Code: Some people like to dress up, others don’t. Feel free to dress in what is comfortable to you.

Babies and Children: Families are encouraged to worship together in the sanctuary with their children. Baby noises do not bother us. Young families are encouraged to sit near an exit with your small ones in case you need to exit with them. You may take them to the basement which is located under the sanctuary or just to the entrance to calm them. Get them used to attending by bringing soft, quiet toys or books to keep them occupied. Please do not give them messy treats or pens and markers. They are very difficult/impossible to clean from carpets and pews.

Worship Style: We encourage raising hands, clapping, and hearty singing. You can dance while singing. The purpose of praise and worship is to bring us into unity, focus on the Lord and prepare our hearts to receive the Word. Our minister’s appreciate vocal responses to the preaching. Someone once said, “You don’t need to shout, God is not deaf.” While that is true, let me assure you loud noises do not frighten Him either! So feel free to say “Amen, Hallelujah, etc…. Occasionally someone may give a prophetic word in another language; we just wait for a few moments quietly for another person with the gift of interpretation to give the message in English. The apostle Paul taught church etiquette concerning spiritual gifts in the book of Corinthians if you would like to review it for yourself.

Offering: Received for the support of the ministries of this church including missions. We believe in 10% giving of your income plus offerings. There is no pressure for a guest to give. If you’ve received from our ministry, we gladly accept you’re giving.

Ministries: Everyone is called to share the Gospel. If there is a particular work you would like to do in this church, please discuss it with the Pastor and she will provide you with requirements and guidelines.

Safety: Jesus accepts people from all walks of life who want to become like Him. Some people may attend that have criminal backgrounds. We want to help those on the road to recovery but we must use wisdom. All volunteers must be fingerprint cleared and persons with crimes of a sexual nature may never work with minors. They may work in other capacities in the church and they must disclose their past to those with whom they labor. Parents must share in the responsibility of teaching their children personal safety. Be proactive and know the people with whom you associate and especially those with whom your children fellowship.

Pastor Debra McCormick's Sunday Worship Sermon


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